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Effective provider credentialing services are the absolute necessity for better performance of the practice. Without proper enrolment, payments can be delayed or refused by the insurance carriers, even if the physician is able to provide services that are competent and medically necessary.

We at Medryte offer Physician credentialing services, helping Providers achieve better revenues.

Our Services

Initial Contract Request - Government payers (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare & VA)
(Includes letter of intent & follow up)

Initial Contract Obtaining - Commercial Payers - Includes enrollment for 1 provider.
(Includes letter of intent, appeals, follow up & fee schedule review / comparison)

Initial Contract Negotiation (Optional)
(If we are unable to successfully negotiate a fee increase from the original proposal we will not charge any fee for negotiation)

New Provider Enrollment or re-enrollment
(Adding additional providers to group contracts)

Services Included

Information Gathering (Contacting all payers for participation status, effective dates etc.)

Contract Negotiation

Dedicated Account Representative

Enterprise level credentialing information tracking tool (Smartsheet)

Provider Status Updates

Provider Medical License Tracking

Provider DEA Tracking

EFT Enrollments